Design Management

The design phase is the most critical stage of any project lifecycle as it sets the strategy for the project and influences its’ future success.

To maximise the project opportunities at the design stage requires the effective strategic management of a range of skills and disciplines including project planning, cost management, risk evaluation, regulatory compliance combined with specialist design technical expertise. midson group  has the specialist management skills and experience required to maximise the project opportunity through the coordination of these key project inputs.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to provide a tailored design management service that exactly matches a client’s needs. Our team stays current on design techniques, regulatory requirements and management best practices, so any project we manage will proceed smoothly through every progress gate.

midson group  works alongside its Clients to clarify, define and communicate project objectives, using a value-driven approach that results in an accurate understanding of project needs.

midson group  is able to tailor its design management service to suit our Client’s needs and to compliment our client’s resources. We provide effective design management that ensures:

  • the Client’s expectations are accurately reflected in the design brief, functional requirements and scope of works;
  • the project budget is regularly verified during the design process;
  • the project design is developed in a timeframe compatible with the Client’s needs; and
  • constructability is properly considered throughout the design and documentation stages.

During the Design Management Phase we can provide the following services :

  • preparing a Client brief to accurately convey the Client’s requirements;
  • confirming the project’s functional requirements;
  • preparing a detailed scope of works using performance based and/or prescriptive design criteria;
  • procurement of project consultant teams;
  • developing and evaluating design options;
  • facilitating design workshops;
  • managing stakeholder communication and consensus;
  • obtaining planning & statutory approvals, including Development Approval;
  • cost planning and management;
  • advice on construction procurement strategies;
  • reviewing detailed designs for compliance with the Client’s brief; and
  • managing variations to the design brief.

midson group  can apply its experience and comprehensive understanding of the entire project cycle to define, procure, coordinate and manage teams to get the best possible outcome.

Additional services that we can offer through both our group and other affiliated organisations include:

  • Architectural design;
  • Engineering consultants, including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, structural, civil, landscape, quantity surveying, environmental, acoustic,
  • hazardous materials, geotechnical, planning, and traffic management;
  • Master Planning;
  • Town planning;
  • Accessibility reviews;
  • Private Certification;
  • Site acquisition advice;
  • Surveying;
  • Project Budget preparation.
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